An Employer expects an Employee to act honestly, follow lawful instructions, and generally comply with his/her duties as outlined in the Contract of Employment and Job Description. Employers therefore should trust that all their employees will do as instructed in line with their contract of employment and company policies and procedures. Furthermore, employers should take their employees’ word when making inquiries about tasks and/or projects that should have been completed by the given deadline. Trust is therefore of paramount importance to sustain the Employer-Employee relationship. While discipline is critical to the proper functioning of the organisation, in managing discipline employers must comply with relevant employment laws in order to avoid unnecessary disputes and litigation. Bafuputsi will provide a full range of services on labour law and industrial relations, including:

 Support Services

  • Presiding over the disciplinary hearing
  • Initiating disciplinary cases
  • Investigating allegations  and formulating charges
  • Transcribing audio record of proceedings
  • Writing legal opinion and Labour Law matters
  • Draft and reviews of employment contract
  • Draft and review employment policies and procedures
  • Facilitate organisation restructuring
  • Facilitating Retrenchments
  • Facilitating salary negotiations with trade unions
  • Negotiate and draft union recognition agreements
  • Management of strike

Advisory services

  1. Consulting and/or advice on preparation  for disciplinary hearings.
  2. Consulting and/or advice on preparation for salary negotiations.
  3. Consulting and/or advice  on the conclusion of an employment contract.
  4. Support in the review of employment policies and procedures
  5. Advice and support in the preparation for CCMA cases 
  6. Consulting on how to deal with dismissal for ill-health
  7. Consulting on how to deal with dismissal of poor performance.
  8. Consulting on how to deal with dismissal on operational requirements (retrenchments)
  9. Advice and support on compliance with relevant employment legislation like BCEA. EEA, SDS