The following factors are the reasons employers might find it difficult to choose a suitable employment law and Human Resource Management Specialist.

  • Employers do not always have sufficient knowledge about employment law that will assist them to judge whether the”expert” is really what they say they are.
  • There are a lot of “labour specialists” around. The advert may look impressive, but it may be an oversell.
  • The referral you received could come from a friend of the consultant!
  • Consultants’ fees can be so low that they can cloud your judgment.

 The following are what you should look for when choosing a consultant

  • Have relevant advanced qualifications in the field
  • Have substantial experience as a practitioner in the field
  • Must have successfully defended companies in similar and different cases
  • He/she has real experience to protect your business not just articles written about how to succeed
  • Solid industry experience in the areas they are consulting on.
  • Have access to the latest employment statuses and case law decisions
  • The billing fee is not too low or too high, but affordable for your budget.
  • Be there when needed for all relevant matters and not choose issues that are easy to solve.
  • No hidden fees.
  • Must be honest enough to disclose when they do have the necessary expertise on a matter
  • They must be willing to inform you when there are no prospects of success on your case.